Invoice details

Invoice Tracker

Know exactly what status the invoice is in after sending it to your customer. A tracker above an invoice will show the status.

Possible payment statuses include the following:

  • Sent - Date you sent the invoice to your customer
  • Unsent Invoice has not been sent to the customer but will be displayed in their unpaid invoices and start the auto-charge process if setup for that customer
  • Bill created - Date your customer created a bill to pay you in their account
  • Accepted - Date your customer accepted the invoice to pay you in their account
  • Approved - Date your customer approved the bill to pay you
  • Payment Incoming - Date the payment will be deposited in your bank account
  • Paid outside of BILL - Indicates that the customer has marked this invoice as paid without sending a live payment through BILL
    • This status is for subscription free basic receivables BILL accounts only. You will continue to see the invoice marked as unpaid in your account until you record a manual payment on it.

Note: Not all payment statuses will apply to all situations.

Invoice tracker

Edit Invoice

To edit an invoice:

  1. Locate the invoice
  2. Select More actions
  3. Select Edit
  4. Edit details
  5. Select Save, Save & new or Preview & send

Past Payments

  • The total amount of past payments can be viewed in the Invoice Details section
  • The breakdown of multiple past payments can be viewed in the Past Payments section

Invoice Notes

Add notes on the specific invoice for your own records or to communicate with others. Invoice Notes

Private note - for internal team members

  1. Enter notes
  2. Select Submit

Note to a connected customer

If the customer is connected in the BILL Network, a note can be sent to easily communicate regarding the invoice.

  1. Enter notes
  2. Turn on Visible to customer
  3. Select Submit

Things to know:

  • After a note has been saved, it can't be edited or deleted
  • A user can tag another user on the BILL account in an internal note, triggering an email notification, by typing the @ symbol followed by their name.