Accept ePayments

Our customers enjoy using ePayments because they’re the most cost-effective and convenient way to get paid electronically. This article will walk you through a few simple steps to get you ready to invoice your customers and start receiving payments electronically!

Tip: Before you can accept ePayments, you’ll need to have a verified US bank account on your account. If you haven't added a bank yet, see the Resources section at the bottom of this page for help.

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What account types can accept ePayments?

There are 2 account types you can have to accept ePayments:

  • Subscription-free Basic Receivables account: an account with no monthly fee that can only accept or send payments to Advanced accounts connected via Payment Network ID through the network.

  • Advanced account: an account where you pay a monthly fee and have access to additional features (sync with accounting software, accept credit card payments, send automatic payment reminders and set up Auto Charge) and the ability to accept payments from more people and businesses, regardless of account type or network connection status.

Benefits of using for your Account Receivables payments

For Advanced accounts:

  • Low, flat transaction fee —most card providers take a percentage of the payment amount for their fees. Instead, we assess a flat transaction fee and we separate out ‌your billing statement to make bank reconciliation easy.

  • Accept payments from anyone—simply create and send an invoice, and your customer can pay you through your unique customer portal web address that's shown on your invoice, whether they have a account or not.

  • Auto Charge automatically pulls your payments from your customer’s bank account or credit card, so your invoices get paid on time, every time. Learn more about Auto Charge here. Auto Charge for customers

  • No manual entry—the system automatically applies payments to your invoices and can sync back to your accounting software.

  • Direct deposit—you can set up one default bank account to receive deposits, and we deposit your money within 3 business days.

  • Control—you can see all payments received/scheduled, and require your customer to contact you before they can change/delete bank account or credit card information in their account.

For more details on Subscription-free Basic Receivables accounts, please see Features of a subscription-free Basic Receivables account.