Get authorized to pay bills from an existing bank account

After a user adds a bank account in to pay bills from, they can then add you or other users to the bank account to also pay bills from it by a nomination process.

Check who can add users to a bank

  1. Select Settings
  2. We're currently rolling out a fresh new look for our Settings page, so you may see one of 2 designs. Please follow the steps that match what your Settings page looks like.

    Select Bank Accounts under Your Company if your Settings page looks like this: Settings Page

    Select Bank Accounts under Bank & Payment Accounts if your Settings page looks like this: New Settings Page
  3. Select the account number of the bank account
  4. Scroll to view the current Authorized Users
  5. Ask one of the authorized users to nominate you or any other users to become authorized on the same bank account.

After being nominated, a we'll send you an email with the next steps to complete your authorization process.