Summary email (to-dos)

Your summary email (to-dos) gives you an overview of any items needing attention, as well as any tasks available to complete in your BILL account.

Your summary is separated into sections, and available sections depend on the features enabled in your account. Each section in the email is a link that takes you to the applicable section in your BILL account.

Summary email to do



  • Number of unprocessed documents
  • Number of past due eBills



  • Number of bills ready to pay, with details on the top 3
  • Number of past due bills
  • Number of bills or vendor credits to approve, with details on the top 3
  • Number of denied bills or vendor credits
  • Number of vendor credits to apply
  • Number of expiring payments



  • Number of unpaid invoices
  • Number of past due invoices
  • Number of credit memos ready to apply

Summary email preferences

You can change the frequency or disable your summary email in Settings:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select User Settings
  3. Select Email Preferences
  4. Select your desired frequency, or disable under Summary email (to-dos)

Summary email to do prefs