Update login or inbox email addresses

There are two types of email addresses associated with most Bill.com accounts:

Login Email Address

The login email address is the unique email address used to log in to a Bill.com account. This email address is also where we send account notifications.

  • On Advanced accounts (full Payables and/or Receivables), contact Customer Support by selecting Contact us on this page to request a change to your login email address. There's a security review before updating the email address though, so a change may not always be possible.

  • Administrators manage Users on the account. Please contact your Administrator if you don't have permissions to do so.

  • On subscription-free basic accounts, you cannot change your login email address to protect the security of the account. You'll want to create a new user with the email address that you'd like, and then delete the other user.

    • You'll want to let your customer(s) know that they need to update the email they have for you in their Bill.com account, as this change won't update their side automatically; payment notifications will be sent to the old address if not updated. You can send a note to your customer in Bill.com to let them know about the change:
    1. Select Customers in the navigation menu
    2. Select the customer's name
    3. Select Notes
    4. Enter note
    5. Select Visible to customer
    6. Select Save

Inbox Email Address

You create your inbox email address in Bill.com, then use it as a receive-only Inbox where vendors and customers send bills, invoices, and other documents to the account. Documents received in the mail can also be scanned and emailed to the Inbox email address. Each Inbox email address is specific to the account and is customizable. By default, it'll be yourcompanyname@bill.com.

To change the Inbox email address:

  1. Select Edit next to the current Inbox email address
    edit email - NEO
  2. Enter new Inbox email prefix
  3. Select Save
    save email - NEO

Things To Know

  • You can edit your inbox email address while logged into Bill.com on a computer or web browser on a mobile device. You won't be able to manage email addresses within the Bill.com mobile app.
  • The inbox email address must be a minimum of 8 characters, with a maximum of 40 characters
  • Inboxes for Subscription-free Basic Receivables accounts cannot receive emails. You'll want to upgrade your account if you'd like to create and use your inbox email address.

Change the administrator on your account

If you need to change the administrator on your account, you'll need to create a new user with the new administrator's name and email address, and then delete the other user if they will no longer be accessing the account.
After the new administrator has been added, they'll need to complete bank verification.