Finding the details of a Vendor Pay payment

When we send a Vendor Pay payment, we also send your vendor an email that includes:

  • Virtual Account Number: a one time use 15-digit number the vendor keys into their Point-Of-Sale (POS) system
  • Supplier Remittance Report: an attachment that includes all payment information
  • Supplier FAQ: key information for your supplier/vendor to process American Express virtual payments, included in the body of the email and in an attachment on the email

Payment email

Vendor payment notification

Supplier Remittance Report

Supplier Remittance Report

Things to know

  • If a vendor hasn't received or cannot find the payment notification email, after confirming the vendor email address is correct, void the payment and schedule a new Vendor Pay payment
  • The Virtual Account Number automatically expires if the Vendor doesn't use it within 30 days