Payment timing for Vendor Pay

Payment Timing for Vendor Pay

A Virtual Account Number payment is sent on the process date selected when scheduling a payment.

  • On the process date, American Express will immediately (roughly within 10-15 minutes) send the Virtual Account Number to the vendor
  • The vendor will have up to 30 days to enter the Virtual Account Number into their merchant point-of-sale system to accept payment
  • The vendor processes the payment through their merchant point-of-sale system as a credit card. The payment is as fast as a credit card payment.
  • The payment settled date is the same as the cleared or paid date that shows on the American Express statement

Scheduling a Future Payment

When a payment is scheduled for today’s date or for a future date, the Virtual Account Number will be sent to the vendor on the process date. Depending on when the vendor accepts and enters the Virtual Account Number, payment will show in the vendor's merchant account once the payment is settled.