Vendor Pay: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I received a status that Virtual Account Number generation failed. Why?

  • Virtual Account Number generation failures are the result of system outages. If this occurs, please retry the payment request at a later time.
  • A Virtual Account Number generation failure can also occur if the underlying Card is cancelled.

Can an American Express Card payment be made to an international vendor?

Yes, Virtual Account Number payments can be made to international vendors, providing they accept and process payment in US Dollars. Any foreign transaction fees that apply to your Card, will also apply to Virtual Account Number payments.

Tip: If you want to pay an international vendor with your American Express card, make sure the vendor's country and Vendor bank location is set to United States, or the vendor will be set to offline payments.

Is there a limit on American Express Card payments?

There is no limit to the number of Virtual Account Numbers that can be generated. However, all Virtual Account Numbers are subject to the dollar amount limits of the Card account.

What happens if my line of credit is not enough for a Virtual Account Number charge?

A Virtual Account Number cannot be authorized for an amount greater than the available line of credit. You can send a Virtual Account Number for any amount, but your vendor will only be able to authorize it for an amount less than or equal to your available line of credit.

Can an American Express Card payment be canceled?

Yes, as long as the Virtual Account Number is still active and has not been authorized, the Virtual Account Number payment can be cancelled.

Can I request a refund from my vendor on a Virtual Account Number payment?

Yes, you can contact the vendor to issue a refund. The vendor should process the refund to the same 15-digit Virtual Account Number that they had originally charged. The refund will be processed to your Card account.

  • Processing a refund to the Virtual Account Number does not make it re-usable
  • If the vendor needs to be paid again, a new payment with a new Virtual Account Number will need to be initiated

Is a separate statement or bill sent for Virtual Account Number payments?

No, transactions will be reflected in the regular billing statement and payments will be due on the regular billing cycle.

Who do I contact with questions about disputes on a charge?

This can be resolved via American Express Customer Service at the phone number on the back of your card or online at

What are the different payment methods available with Vendor Pay?

  • Virtual Account Number (VAN) - Payments made using this method are funded by your American Express Card
  • ePayment via ACH - Payments made using this method are funded by a bank account linked to the Vendor Pay account
  • Check - Payments made using this method are funded by a bank account linked to the Vendor Pay account

How do I earn reward points?

Earn the rewards of your Card on supplier payments when you use your Card for Vendor Pay American Express transactions. Earn rewards points as usual, the same as if you were to use the Card in stores.

  • Reward points are not earned on payments made via ACH or check