Vendor Pay payment statuses

The following Payment Statuses appear on the Payments Out overview page. Payments can be filtered, viewing All, Scheduled, Paid, Canceled, or Void.

Payment statuses

Sent: Virtual Account Number generated and an email notification with the Virtual Account Number (VAN) has been sent to the vendor.

Authorized: The vendor has processed the payment by entering the Virtual Account Number (VAN) for the exact payment amount prior to its expiration date.

Cleared: Vendor has settled the transaction and payment is complete. Funds have moved from American Express (your credit card provider) to the merchant’s bank account.

Failed: Virtual Account Number payment has failed, appears if card is no longer active.

Virtual Account Number generation failures are the result of system outages.

  • If this occurs, please retry the payment request at a later time.
  • A Virtual Account Number generation failure can also occur if the underlying Card is cancelled after 2:00 pm Pacific Time / 5:00 pm Eastern Time.

Expired: Virtual Account Number expired and is no longer valid, exceeding the 30 days.

In Progress: The Virtual Account Number has not been sent yet.

Void: The Virtual Account Number can be invalidated before authorization.