Managing User Time Zones

The Time Zone assigned to each User indicates the time zone used for timestamps on audit trails, import/export reports, and other time-specific events. Each user can be set to a specific time zone to ensure accurate and clear understanding of the time of events by that user. Anyone with permission to manage users can edit and adjust the time zone for other users.

User Time Zone management

  1. Select Settings
  2. We're currently rolling out a fresh new look for our Settings page, so you may see one of 2 designs. Please follow the steps that match what your Settings page looks like.

    Select Users under Permissions if your Settings page looks like this: Settings Page

    Select Users under Roles & Permissions if your Settings page looks like this: New Settings Page
  3. Select the user's name to be updated
  4. Select Edit
  5. Choose the appropriate time zone from the dropdown list
  6. Select Save