Sync with Xero: At a glance

The sync with Xero eliminates double data entry by automatically sending all information to from Xero, and sending back payments made/received in

Here's how sync can enable seamless integration of payments with Payables and Receivables workflow:

Xero Payables flow

Xero Receivables flow

By default, the sync runs automatically once a day. A sync can also be triggered manually at any time.

The following image shows what objects sync and in which direction.

Xero sync image

Things to Know

  • All payments must be made/recorded in If making or receiving payments outside of, remember to return to and mark the bill/invoice as paid.
  • Only unpaid invoices in Xero will sync to Draft, partially and fully paid bills/invoices won't sync to
  • doesn't sync file attachments to/from Xero
  • While Items are a two-way sync, Sales Tax is still one way from Xero to
  • All unpaid bills and invoices from sync to Xero as Awaiting Payment
  • $0 bills will sync from to Xero as Paid
  • AR payments in will only sync to Xero if applied to an invoice; overpayments/unapplied payments won't sync to Xero
  • When initially creating locations and departments, those will sync from Xero to and/or to Xero. Updates to these items will sync between both systems. Deletions made to these items, however, won't sync in either direction, they must be deleted manually in both systems.
  • If using approvals in Xero, once a bill is approved in Xero it can't be deleted, it can only be voided. Voiding an approved bill in Xero won't sync to The bill will need to be manually deleted in