QuickBooks Desktop: Voided payments

Voiding a Bill.com payment will not sync to QuickBooks Desktop. After voiding a payment in Bill.com, the matching payment will need to be manually voided in QuickBooks Desktop as well.

To void a payment in QuickBooks Desktop from the current fiscal period:

  1. Locate the payment that needs to be voided
  2. From the Edit menu, select Void Bill Pmt - check (all payment methods are displayed as check in QBW)
  3. Select Save & Close to record the transaction

When voiding a payment in QuickBooks Desktop, the amount of the original payment is changed to zero as of the date of the payment (there will be a $0.00 in the clearing account) and the word "Void" is added to the memo field on the payment.

When the credit is processed by Bill.com, a journal entry is synced to the clearing account for the credit to balance out the original payment Funds Transfer entry.