Paid bills pending approval

There may be times when a bill pending approval has already been paid. The process of approving bills and the process of scheduling bills are independent of one another. In most instances, a paid bill still requiring approval is due to an Administrator (or a User with a custom role with the permissions to pay unapproved bills) paying a bill before it has been approved. Doing so does not remove the approval requirement, assigned approvers will still need to approve the bill.

If you'd like to remind an approver that a bill or credit is waiting on their approval, you can do that right from the bill or credit itself.

Remind approvers

  1. Open the bill or vendor credit
  2. Under Approvers, select Remind next to the approver you'd like to send a reminder to review

We'll send the approver an email to remind them that the bill or credit is waiting their review.

Note: You can only send reminders to the next approver in sequence.

If approval is pending for one approver, you can remind the next approver in line, then once that approver approves the bill or credit, you can remind the next approver, and so on.

Things to know

  • If a bill is scheduled for payment or is paid already, it will remain on the Approver's Approve list until it is approved, denied, or until it is removed from the Approvers' assignment
  • A payment will go out if an Approver is added after the payment is scheduled since it is the payable (bill) that goes through the approval process, not the payment
  • Approvals are an internal process and will not stop a payment that is scheduled to be processed