Sage Intacct sync error: Intacct - Incorrect ID or password or Unknown error on sync! Intacct user authentication failure

Why the sync error occurs

This error occurs when the login information entered on the Sync Login Info page in is incorrect.

How to fix the sync error

The resolution to this error depends on which portion of the login information is incorrect.


  1. Try logging in to Sage Intacct with the username and password to verify the login information
  2. If unable to log into Sage Intacct, reset the password
  3. Once the new password has been confirmed, reenter Sage Intacct login information in


  • Confirm the username in Sage Intacct:
    1. Go to Company > Users
    2. Locate the sync user and confirm the name
    3. Reenter your Sage Intacct login information in

Company ID

  • Confirm the Company ID in Sage Intacct:
    1. Go to Company > Company Info
    2. Find the ID in the Company Information section
    3. Reenter the Company ID in
    4. Select Save

If the error continues, a single blank space at the end of the Company ID could be the issue. Contact Sage Intacct support to have the space removed if this is the issue.

Entity ID

  • Confirm the Entity ID in Sage Intacct:
    1. Go to Company > Entities
    2. Confirm the Entity ID for the Entity that will be syncing with
    3. Reenter the Entity ID in
    4. Select Save

To update the credentials:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Under Sync, select Setup
  3. Select Disconnect
  4. Select Reconnect to update the credentials