1099 Line Items with Sage Intacct

To make a general ledger (G/L) account a 1099 account, you need to select a 1099 form type and a 1099 category on that account in Bill.com. While this 1099 category for the account won't sync to Sage Intacct, the 1099 value at the line item level of a bill will carry over into Sage Intacct if:

  • The vendor the bill is for has been set as a 1099 vendor
  • The bill for the 1099 vendor is coded to a G/L account that has a 1099 category selected for it in Bill.com.

To set the 1099 category on a chart of account:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Chart of Accounts under Accounting
  3. Select the account name
  4. Select edit
  5. Select the 1099 form type
  6. Set the 1099 category
  7. Select Save
  8. Sync again

Things to know

  • If the vendor is a 1099 vendor and the G/L account used on the bill doesn't have a 1099 category set, based on your AP configuration for 1099 in Sage Intacct, it will:

    • Enable 1099 flag override is set to true: sync over without the 1099 flag flipped
    • Enable 1099 flag override is set to false: produce a sync error stating a 1099 value for the G/L is required