Cancel BILL to enroll in Vendor Pay

If canceling a BILL account to enroll in Vendor Pay, here are some recommended steps to follow before canceling the BILL account:

  1. For vendors that you have invited to connect via the BILL Network to pay electronically, collect Payment Network ID's (PNI) for these vendors, PNI's can be found on each vendors record
    • These vendors will need to be connected again manually from within the Vendor Pay account. Entering the PNI on their new vendor record in Vendor Pay will ensure reconnecting to the same account your vendor has created.
    • Note: If bank account details were added manually for any vendors, they will need to be entered again for those vendors in the Vendor Pay account
  2. If needing a copy of historical records, order a DVD by submitting an email request to BILL Support from an Administrator on the account. DVD will include:
    • Company Documents: Original File, Created Date, Name (in the original format it was uploaded)
    • Vendor & Customer Documents: Original File, Created Date, Vendor Name, Name (in the original format it was uploaded)
    • Vendor & Customer Bills & Invoices: Original File, Created Date, Vendor, Invoice Number, Amount (in the original format it was uploaded)
    • Vendor Credits: Original File, Created Date, Vendor, Ref Number, Amount (in the original format it was uploaded)
    • Checks: Vendor Name, Payment Amount, Check Number, Check Date (in PDF format)
  3. Check for in flight payments in the BILL account
    • BILL accounts cannot be cancelled if there are still payments in flight
      • Scheduled payments
        • Cancel scheduled payments or
        • Wait for payment to process and clear
      • Uncashed, Returned or Failed payments
        • Void any payments that have not cleared yet or
        • Wait for payments to clear
      • Pending Void and remit credits
        • Wait for void credits to clear
      • Failed Void and remit credits
        • Contact BILLm Customer support to have the credit redirected to a different bank account in the BILL account
    • Once there are no in flight payments, proceed to cancel steps

Cancel steps for the BILL account

To cancel an account, an Administrator on the account will need to submit the request from within the BILL account.

  1. Log into BILL
  2. Select settings
  3. Select My Subscription under Billing & Subscription
  4. Select cancel in the phrase "I want to cancel my service" at the bottom of the page
  5. Select a reason for the cancellation and provide any comments or feedback regarding your cancellation
  6. Select Confirm
  • Note: If canceling after the trial period or in the middle of a billing period, a prorated amount will be due for the time the account was active, and a final statement will be generated and sent to Administrator users

Once the BILL account is inactive, if syncing with accounting system, the sync is automatically disconnected.

You can now enroll for a Vendor Pay account.