Add a billing credit card

Whether you're setting up billing for the first time or adding a new card to use for billing, use the steps below to keep the billing information on your account up to date.

Add a new billing credit card

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Billing under Your Account with Us.
  3. Select Add a credit card
  4. Enter the payment information, making sure to double check that any pre-populated info matches the billing info for the card you're adding, or change it as needed.
  5. Select Save

Any previously active cards will be inactivated.

Things to know

  • You cannot edit existing cards. If you need to change the card info, add the card as new using the steps above.
  • If you're issued a new card with the same number, but an updated expiration date or verification/CCV code, add the card as new using the steps above.
  • Once a card is deleted or made inactive, it cannot be reactivated.