Use ACH IDs to bypass a debit block on a bank account

If a bank account has a debit block or debit filter to prevent unauthorized organizations from debiting or withdrawing funds from the account via ACH, transactions may fail.

Provide your bank with ACH ID numbers below to allow ACH debits to process successfully. Even if your bank requests routing and account numbers instead, the ACH ID numbers will fix the issue. Be sure to provide all the ACH ID numbers listed below to your bank to resolve any debit block issues.

There is no need to remove the debit block completely.

Our Company ACH ID numbers are:

  • ACH ID #1: 2204895317
  • ACH ID #2: 1204895317
  • ACH ID #3: 3204895317
  • ACH ID #4: 4204895317
  • ACH ID #5: 8204895317
  • ACH ID #6: 1082689000 sends CCD transactions. Non-checking accounts might not receive CCD transactions. Confirm with your bank that these transactions are possible.

Once your bank removes the debit block for our ACH IDs, complete the process to set up your bank account again.