Verify your identity with documents

If the system is unable to verify your identity automatically through the verification questions, we'll ask you to upload a couple documents to complete the verification manually.

Document identity verification process

After you have attempted the automatic verification questions twice, you will be prompted to submit documents right on the same page in your account.
Manual Verification to Complete Bank Setup - intro

You can also open the document upload form and submit the documents there.

Note: If you reach the Support Center through another path, you may not be logged in, preventing access to this form. If you see Login in the upper right of the page where you normally see Message Center, select Login. You'll be taken to the app so you can login to Once you're logged in, come back to this article and open the form above.

Required documents

The documents you'll need will be listed, which we suggest gathering before continuing. You can always come back later if needed. Once you have the documents shown, select Get started to upload.

On the next page, you'll upload your primary Identification; document requirements will be shown again to be sure the verification isn't delayed. You'll need to upload a Primary Identification document, which can include (choose one):

  • Driver license (front and back)
  • State-issued ID (front and back)
  • Alien Registration
  • Passport book ID page
  • Passport card (front and back)
    Manual Verification to Complete Bank Setup - upload 1

Once you submit a primary document, you'll submit a piece of Secondary identification (choose one):

  • Employer-issued ID card displaying your name
  • A copy of a utility bill in your name
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Bank Statement from the past 90 days
    Manual Verification to Complete Bank Setup - upload 2

ID submissions must be provided as color images. We recommend taking pictures of the ID with your phone to capture clear, color images.

For your security, don't submit information or documents not specifically requested, such as tax documents, credit card statements, or social security cards.

What's next

Uploaded documents will be reviewed within 1 business day.
Manual Verification to Complete Bank Setup - upload complete

Once verified, you'll be able to complete the account setup and won't be required to answer the identity questions for this account.