Log in through reCAPTCHA

When you login to your Bill.com from a new device, after clearing cookies from an existing browser, or from outside the 50 United States, you may see a reCAPTCHA test.

We use reCAPTCHA to protect your accounts from attempted logins from bots, applications that perform automated tasks, sometimes used in attempts to hack accounts. Each reCAPTCHA test is designed to be easy for legitimate logins, but difficult for these bots.

Here is an example of a reCAPTCHA test:

Account Access and Support - Login - International login through reCAPTCHA - reCAPTCHA example

Things to know

  • Javascript must be enabled for reCaptcha to load
    • If Javascript is not enabled, you will see the error "You have reached the sign-in limits for this period. Please try again later."
    • Enable Javascript to continue