NetSuite: Bundle version list

The following article outlines feature enhancements included in the latest version of the Sync for NetSuite bundle and summarizes previous bundle versions.

Bundle 3.0.6 (Released 8/5/17)

Less sync errors

  • Fixed the causes of top few sync conflicts to reduce noise when syncing over data between NetSuite and

Sync error message improvements

  • Improved sync conflict messaging with self serve resolution message

Bundle 3.0.5 (Released 4/19/17)

Bill line item with zero quantity was ending up in sync conflicts.

  • Enabled sync to match the bill line items with the updates (performed by you in to avoid sync conflict and seamlessly sync over your updates over to NetSuite

Enhanced Document/file sync from NetSuite to

  • Fixed the issues regarding bill attachment syncing over to without the corresponding bills, thus ending up in sync conflicts

Less sync errors

  • Fixed the causes of top few sync conflicts to reduce noise when syncing over data between NetSuite and

Bundle 3.0.4 (Released 02/15/17) Payment Method' to be reflected accurately in NetSuite.

  • When a user payment method, 'Pay By' gets updated in from Check to ePayment or vice-versa it will be correctly reflected in NetSuite as well.

Sync Conflict Updates

  • Updates to conflict messages to make them more friendly and self-resolvable.

Bundle 3.0.3b (Released 11/11/16)

Supporting Parent-Child Relationship

  • As any other enterprise accounting system NetSuite lets the user create parent-child relationship between various List objects (like chart of accounts, locations) belonging to different subsidiaries. Due to such relationship across multiple subsidiaries it used to end up in sync conflicts thus preventing users from syncing such records. We have enhanced our sync logic to allow records with parents records in different subsidiary to sync over to without any issue.

Fixing Gaps

  1. Payment Sync hindered due to any preceding payment in conflict
    • There was a gap in the sync scripts installed in NetSuite which was ignoring following payments from syncing over if one of the payments end up in conflict. This has now been fixed.
  2. Document Sync Enhancements
    • Consistent Document Sync Logic as Bills Document sync will follow same logic as bills so that they both have similar behavior and behave like part of same record.
    • Sync supports all document types (with different extension) To stay aligned with NetSuite's releases (that recently started supporting .json files), we can now support syncing any document/attachment type. (Note: Only the UI supported files will have a preview)
  3. Sync Conflict Message Resolution:
    • As part of improving user experience, we continue to update sync conflict messaging with appropriate messages and resolutions.

Bundle 3.0.2a (Released 7/28/16)

Support for Three-way matching of Bills

  • With many QBD users migrating to NetSuite, supporting three-way matching has been a common request from them. Three-way matching is one of the core features used by Mid-market organizations. now supports three way matching of bills in NetSuite by allowing the user to sync only approved bills from NetSuite to Approval check applies to all bills in NetSuite irrespective of their source of creation (created via PurchaseOrder or, manually).

ByPassing Start Date for Document Sync

  • The 'ByPass Start Date' flag in ' Preferences' setting in NetSuite lets the user who connects with to sync unpaid bills if the flag is selected. This flag was ignoring the document attached to those unpaid bills while syncing, a fix was made to make sure that any document attached to these bills should also sync along.

Source of Sync Conflict on Sync Status Page

  • Source of a few Sync Conflicts ( or NetSuite) on the Sync Status Page was not getting reflected accurately due to a flag set to incorrect value. This has now been fixed.

Sync Conflict Message Resolution

  • As part of improving user experience, we continue to update sync conflict messaging with appropriate messages and resolutions.

Celigo's Broken Script

  • One of Celigo's (our third party development team) delete script was broken and was causing unnecessary noise for the users while using NetSuite. The script has now been fixed.

Incorrect Update of Customer IDs

  • Fixed the way Customer IDs were being generated in Sync Bundle before being sent out to as it was sending out wrong IDs when a user was updating the customer record in NetSuite.

Bundle 3.0.1a (Released 6/14/16)

Automatic Bundle Updates

  • Analyzing the pattern of customers coming to Customer Support we realized that many users come to us because of the old issues we have already addressed in the current bundle. To address this gap the users had been facing and reducing the contact rate we will not be automatically pushing bundle updates to user's NetSuite accounts upon release.

Sync Performance Improvement

  • Vendors are one of the popular objects synced across both platforms in bulk and we have often noticed that at times due to connectivity issues sync gets obstructed and everything syncs again. We have enhanced the system so that if Vendor sync was aborted in the middle we won't be syncing all of the vendors again, instead we will be picked where it was left off. (depending on the vendor batch size).

Enhancements to make sync compatible with new NetSuite features

  • Work Calendar has been made a mandatory field in Vendor record. Now, a default work calendar value will be assigned when a vendor record has a blank Work Calendar field.
  • Over-riding auto generation of vendor IDs in NetSuite was ending up in no Vendor ID value automatically assigned to the vendor record syncing over to NetSuite thus ending up in Sync conflict.

Chart of Accounts

  • Chart of Accounts creation was ending up in permissions issue due to a bug in Celigo code which has now been fixed.

Error Enhancement:

  • Most frequently faced sync conflicts (like, DependencyNotSynced, Invalidekeyor_ref, Invalid IntegID etc).

Bundle 3.0.0 (Released 5/22/2016)

Document Sync for All Sync Bundle Users:

  • With this bundle version, documents attached to bills in NetSuite will now sync to

Sun-setting BPFN/Payments Bundle:

  • Upon speaking with users, we realized that they were using the BPFN bundle for the document sync feature. As the document sync feature has now been incorporated into the Sync bundle, the BPFN bundle is no longer necessary.

Suppress Customer Sync in Bill/Vendor Credit Line Items:

  • This feature provides an optional flag not to sync customer information across both systems and applies to customer records or customer information embedded in bills/vendor credits

NetSuite 2016.1 Compatibility Enhancements:

  • Some features released in the NetSuite 2016.1 update were not compatible with our sync logic. The underlying issues have been found and resolved.

Error Enhancements:

  • There was an error faced by some users that was preventing bills from syncing to NetSuite. We recognized the source and fixed the issue.
  • The Default Payables Location preference in NetSuite will no longer list inactive locations

Bundle 2.1.11 (Released 3/17/2016)

Error Management:

  • The frequently encountered COULDNOTAPPLY error message is now more user-friendly and also carries an appropriate cause/resolution message

Payments Sync from to NetSuite:

  • Added a functionality to filter out payments that have been voided in, but have not yet synced to NetSuite Sync Portlet:

  • Due to additional security checks on the NetSuite 2.0 sync platform, many users with custom roles were not able to initiate a sync from within NetSuite directly. We have enhanced our sync to now allow these users to sync from within NetSuite.

Bundle 2.1.10 (Released 2/19/16)

Sync Performance Improvement:

  • Referenced objects (i.e. Chart of Accounts) of a record (i.e. a Bill) will now be called out directly by sync, thus making for a quicker and more efficient sync
  • Tool tip message fixed for "ONLY SYNC APPROVED BILLS/CREDITS" flag in NetSuite

Bundle 2.1.9 (Released 1/13/16)

Error Management:

  • During upgrades to the NetSuite 2.0 sync platform, sync was failing with the error message "Sync didn’t finish successfully!" because did not support Vendors as a Tax Agency. This has now been fixed.
  • Note: Although we now support syncing a new Vendor as a Tax Agency, any subsequent updates to that Vendor are not supported