Update your login email address

The login email address is the unique email address used to log in to a BILL account. This email address is also where we send account notifications.

  • Administrators manage Users on the account. Please contact your Administrator to update your login email if you don't have permissions to do so.

    • An Administrator can submit a request to update a user's login using the Administrator Update Request form.
    • We can help you access your BILL account in the event that the Administrator is no longer with the company. This request form can also be used if you have a Basic account and no longer have access to your login email. Please submit a request using the Administrator Update Request form.
  • On subscription-free basic accounts, you cannot change your login email address to protect the security of the account. You'll want to create a new user with the email address that you'd like, and then deactivate the other user.

    • You'll want to let your customer(s) know that they need to update the email they have for you in their BILL account, as this change won't update their side automatically; payment notifications will be sent to the old address if not updated. You can send a note to your customer in BILL to let them know about the change:
    1. Select Customers in the navigation menu
    2. Select the customer's name
    3. Select Notes
    4. Enter note
    5. Select Visible to customer
    6. Select Save