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Log in to a account

If you are having trouble logging in to your account, make sure you are using the same email address that we have on record for the User on the account. Try to access the account using a work email address or a different personal email address if the email address you are trying isn't enabling your access to the account.

If you are certain of the email address you're using, next check that you are using the current password. Passwords are case sensitive and require a minimum complexity for your protection:

A password must contain:

  • A minimum of 8 characters
  • At least one number or symbol
  • At least one uppercase letter
  • At least one lowercase letter

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)/2-step verification

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)/2-step verification is a security process that requires more than one method of authentication from independent credentials to verify the user’s identity.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)/2-step verification adds an additional layer of security to a account by requiring not only a username and password to log in, but also an additional code sent to a phone. This makes it extremely difficult to break into a account.

If you are having trouble logging in due to the MFA code, check out the troubleshooting section of our Multi-factor authentication (MFA)/2-step verification article for help.

If you can't login because you don't have access to your primary or backup phone numbers to receive codes, submit a request to reset your access using the 2-step Verification Access Request form.

Log into a Portal account

If you are paying a vendor through a portal account, you do not have a account that can be accessed from the site. Check the invoice you received from your vendor. It will include a unique URL to access your portal account. Please go to that site to login. If you've forgotten your password to access your portal account, select the Forgot password? link on the portal login page.

What to do if you are the new account owner but cannot login

If you are the new or administrator of a business, but you do not have access to the account, there are options depending on the type of account you have. Account types are:

  • Subscription-free Basic account: An account with no monthly fee that can only accept or send payments to Advanced accounts connected via Payment Network ID through the network
  • Advanced account: An account with a monthly fee that has additional features such as sync with accounting software, Approvals, and the ability to accept payments or send payments to more people, regardless of account type or connection status

Subscription-free Basic account

  • Option 1- keep existing account

If the past account Admin contact can login:

  1. Have the old Admin login and add you as an Admin user
  2. You login and delete the user profile for the old Admin
  3. You can then add a new bank account if needed, and begin using the account

This method is ideal as you will have access to the historical invoice and payment information in the existing account.

  • Option 2- Have your customer disconnect from the old account and invite you to create a new account

If the old Admin is not able to login and add you as a user to the existing account:

  1. Ask your customer to disconnect from the old Admin's account in the vendor record in their account
  2. Ask your customer to send a new invitation to you
  3. Accept the invitation and create your own account, and add a bank to receive payment

With this method, you will only see payment and invoice information going forward, and cannot access historical info.

Advanced account If your company has a account, but you are not a user on it, you will need to contact an existing user:

  1. Have an existing user login and add you as an Administrator user
  2. Then you can login and delete the user profile for the old users as needed
  3. Add a new bank account if needed

This method is ideal as you will have access to the historical invoice, bill, and payment information in the existing account.

If you cannot contact an existing user, contact Customer Support by selecting Contact us at the top of this page for assistance.