New enhanced vendor list view

The newly enhanced vendor list gives you more control and visibility into managing your payables. Check out what's new here!

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What's new?

New and updated columns

More columns on the vendor list show you more details per vendor without having to open each vendor record separately.

  • Vendor Name
  • Full address (new!)
  • Pay By (new!) with quick view icons
  • Open Balance
  • Last Payment (new!)
  • Alerts (new!)
  • Checkboxes to merge 2 duplicate vendors, or bulk archive vendors (new!)
    enhanced vendor list columns


Alerts keep you updated on vendors who may need more info, such as an address to receive payment, or ways to get your vendors paid faster via ePayment than paper check, and more efficiently by connecting through our network and allowing them to view payment information and history in one place. Pay special attention to the alerts with red icons, as those are urgent and may prevent payments to that vendor.
enhanced vendor list alert column


Select 2 checkboxes to merge duplicate vendors, but keep in mind if you sync with an accounting software, the merge won't sync, so you'll need to merge in both sides manually. We highly suggest contacting Support by selecting Contact us at the top of this page to help you merge to avoid sync errors and misinformation in your accounting software.

Select multiple checkboxes to archive multiple vendors at once, 20 at a time. If you select more than 20 vendors to archive, we'll archive the first 20, then keep the remaining checked so you can archive those next.
enhanced vendor list checkboxes

Enter a bill or pay a vendor

Enter a bill or pay a vendor without a bill right from the vendor list, from the three dots menu on each vendor record.

enhanced vendor list create a bill or pay vendor

Import and export vendors

Import new vendors using a CSV file, or export a list of existing vendors to a CSV file from the vendor page's More menu.

Note: If you sync with accounting software, only import vendors that do not already exist in your accounting software, or there may be duplicates and sync errors when tries to sync the newly imported vendors to your accounting software.
enhanced vendor list  - import export

What's changed?

Sort the vendor list

Sort vendors by name, address, pay by, or open balance with a single click of the column header.

enhanced vendor list  - sort

Sort vendors by letter

Sort vendors by the first letter of their name using the filter at the top of the list.
enhanced vendor list a-z sort

View inactive vendors

Now you can view inactive vendors by selecting Filters, then selecting Inactive under the Active/inactive dropdown.

enhanced vendor list - filter by status