Payment arrival time adjustments: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do you determine payment processing times?

Checks are mailed within 1 banking day of the process date and should arrive 3 to 5 banking days later. ePayments (ACH) will arrive within 3 days of the process date. The process date is the day we debit funds from your bank account to fund a payment.

For customers who have made 5 or more payments previously, qualifying payments under $5,000 will arrive the next banking day after the process date. For example, qualifying ePayments under $5,000 scheduled on Monday will be processed Tuesday and arrive Wednesday. ePayments over $5,000 will arrive Friday.

When we process payments, we also consider the total dollar value of payments processed within a 2 banking-day period. This means that any payment amounts that go over the 2-day threshold will be processed via standard payment timing. The timing for all payments below this threshold will not change.

Are there things I should consider when scheduling my payments?

  • For ePayments over the threshold, schedule them to process three banking days before the expected arrival date to better ensure on time delivery
  • After you schedule your payments, you can check the status by going to the Payments Out page to see the “Arrives By” date
  • You’ll receive an email on the payment process date letting you know about the payments that have been adjusted to standard payment timing

How do I find my payment arrival date?

After you schedule your payments, you can go to the Payments Out page to see the “Arrives By” date.