Get Started checklist displays steps to complete the account setup on the Overview page. These steps are also available in a checklist format.

Account Setup Checklist

  1. Log in to
  2. Click settings
  3. Click what you're ready to do to see your setup steps as a checklist

The Startup Checklist displays what has been completed and what still needs to be completed to set up the account. Click each item to complete the tasks:

Roles and Permissions

Employees, co-workers, and accountants

  • Add Users to the account
  • Assign a Role based on what each User will be doing in the account

Bills And Documents


  • Set up the Inbox email address
  • Set up the optional fax number
  • Once activated, bills and other documents can be sent to the Inbox directly


Bank Account

  • Set up the bank account to make and/or receive payments through


  • Set up a Bill/Credit Approval Workflow



  • Upload a company logo to be displayed in emails to your vendors and customers, invoices to customers, and in the Portal where customers make payments

Branded website address

  • Customize the URL that customers will use to access the Customer Portal

How you want to get paid

  • Choose how customers can pay you (ePayment or credit card)

1st Sync

Sync Setup

  • The steps will guide you through the Sync Setup to bring data for Payables and/or Receivables from the accounting software into the account