Vendor Bank Location

The Vendor Bank Location field is used primarily for International vendors whose physical address is in one country, and their bank in another. This field being separate from the vendor's address allows you to keep more accurate information on your vendors in, with the ability to maintain the physical address separate from where their actual bank may be located.

Things to Know

  • When you complete the country field in the vendor's address, the country selected here will update the Vendor Bank Location field to the same country, but it can be changed if needed.
  • The country list for the Vendor Bank Location field will also indicate to which countries we currently support international wires
  • Available payment currencies will change based on the country selected in the Vendor Bank Location field
  • When adding a vendor via Quick Add (adding new a vendor as part of bill creation or payment process), the vendor bank location field will not appear; it will be auto-populated with whatever is selected as the vendor country
  • This field will be locked on any vendors you connect to via the Network, as these vendors have accounts, and only US based banks can be used on these accounts