Auto-Pay for vendors

Autopay lets you setup automatic payments on all bills for a vendor, or just recurring bills. Administrator users who are bank authorized can setup Autopay.

Note: You must upgrade your subscription-free basic account to use this feature.

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Set up Autopay for a vendor

  1. Select Vendors in the navigation menu.
  2. Select the vendor name.
  3. Select More actions then Edit vendor.
  4. Toggle Autopay Setup to On.
  5. Enter the maximum amount to be paid.
    • Maximum payment amount is the total amount that'll be paid for each bill. By default, the amount is set to pay the entire bill amount.
  6. Enter the number of banking days before due date that you want us to process payment, which is when we'll debit your bank account, not when the payment will arrive to the vendor.
    • Enter 0 to debit the payment from the bank account and process the payment on the due date of the bill.
    • Maximum allowed is 60. Minimum allowed is 0.
  7. Select the bank account to make the payment from.
  8. Select Save.

Set up Autopay for a recurring bill

If you have a recurring monthly, quarterly, or annual bill, you can set automatic payments for them.

Select the Set up automatic payments box and select a payment account when you schedule your recurring bills if you'd like payments automatically scheduled for those bills.

Note: If you select automatic payments, you won't be able to add approvers, and if you set up a recurring bill for a vendor who already has Autopay enabled at the vendor level, we'll disable the Autopay setup at the vendor level to prevent duplicate payments.

Turn off Autopay for a vendor

  1. Select Vendors in the navigation menu.
  2. Select the vendor name.
  3. Select More actions then Edit Vendor.
  4. Toggle Autopay Setup to Off.
  5. Select Save.

Turn off Autopay on a recurring bill

  1. Select Bills in the navigation menu.
  2. Select Recurring Bills.
  3. Select Edit on the recurring bill.
  4. Unselect Set up automatic payments.
  5. Select Save.

How approvals work with Autopay

If your approval settings require full approval before you can pay a bill, Autopay won't pay bills until they are fully approved.

  • When you create a bill and assign approvers for a vendor on Autopay, we send an email to all administrator users and any assigned approvers letting them know approval is needed, and the date it's needed by, before the bill(s) will be auto-paid.
  • If the bill isn't approved by the date in the email, we'll cancel the Autopay, notify administrator users, and you'll need to pay the bill manually

Things to know

  • You can only pay international vendors in USD with Autopay. Foreign currencies aren't supported.
  • If you use Pay by Card, you won’t be able to use credit or debit cards for vendor autopay, you must use a bank account.
  • Autopay will run on unpaid bills with no previous payments (including voided or canceled payments) up to the maximum amount.
  • Vendor credits are considered a payment and Autopay won't run on a bill with vendor credits applied to it.
  • If a vendor has multiple unpaid bills due (or past due), the payment for those invoices will be grouped together into one charge, up to the maximum amount.
  • If a bill is past due when Autopay is enabled, or when the invoice is created, the payment will be debited from the bank account on the next business day, up to the maximum amount.
  • If the process date is a holiday or weekend, the payment will be initiated on the next business day.
    • Autopay only counts banking days when calculating process dates
  • When creating a bill that meets the Process Payment field for payment to schedule same-day, Autopay will trigger about an hour after bill creation.
  • When you create a bill via the import tool with the field "Auto Pay Setup" set to No, the bill will be created with autopay disabled.
  • If you make a vendors bank account inactive, autopay will still attempt to use that bank account to run the payment. The bank account must also be updated in the auto pay settings for the vendor.