Security and the sync

Authentication to connect to QuickBooks Desktop's Sync Dashboard for QuickBooks Desktop requires authentication before it can connect the QuickBooks file to our system. By default, the Profile Editor requires the username email and password to authenticate.

For clients who prefer not to use their login credentials, a secure Sync Token is available to connect the sync. The token is strictly for syncing information from QuickBooks Desktop to the account and from the account to QuickBooks Desktop. No one can log into a account with the sync token.

If a user changes their username email or password, or if a user is removed, syncing will continue to work with a Sync Token because the credentials will continue to maintain the connection between and Quickbooks Desktop.

A sync token is not the same as a password because it is a random value which is generated and assigned to a specific username. The token only displays during setup and is not retrievable after the fact.