QuickBooks Online sync error: A related object (vendor/customer/account/item) does not exist in Bill.com. Please ensure these objects are created/synced or resolve any sync errors for these related objects first.

Why the sync error occurs

This error occurs when a bill or invoice is trying to sync to QuickBooks Online, but a list item on the bill or invoice has been deleted in QuickBooks Online or Bill.com, or the sync connection between the two has been broken.

This can be related to any item on the bill or invoice such as accounts, items, classes, customers, vendors or the invoice/bill itself.

How to fix the sync error

  1. In both Bill.com and in QuickBooks Online, verify that any chart of accounts, items, locations, classes, vendors, and employees on the bill or invoice are active
  2. If you locate a deleted list item, you can either reactivate the deleted item, or edit the bill/invoice to select a different, active item
  3. Sync again

If an item on the bill/invoice is missing in either Bill.com or QuickBooks Online, please contact Support to resync the item.