How Expensify works with

Expense reports and receipts in Expensify can be exported to and associated with reimbursements to employees, depending on which accounting software is used.

Subscription free basic accounts will need to upgrade to connect with this app.

Using Sage Intacct, QuickBooks Online or Xero

  • Expense reports will export to the accounting software as bills
  • Bills will sync to
  • Syncing with Expensify will enable corresponding receipts to associate to the bills in

Using other or no accounting software

  • Submitted expense reports and corresponding receipts will sync to the Inbox as a multi-page document
  • Process documents from Expensify as part of the standard bill payment steps

Learn more about how the Expensify integration works by reviewing the article on the Expensify site: Expensify Integration Note: A token is not needed when initiating the connection from the App Center in